About Us

Welcome to the Lowcountry Koi Club, about us.

About Us

NOTICE: The Lowcountry Koi Club is Semi-inactive.  Members still enjoy getting together in smaller groups, but nothing organized at this time.  There are no club activities scheduled for now. We still enjoy our Koi and friends, but life has gotten into the way of formal activities.


  The Lowcountry Koi Club serves the Charleston, S.C. metropolitan area.  This area is known as the “Lowcountry”. The area incorporates the Tri-county areas of Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkeley counties.

  The Lowcountry Koi Club was started by five couples who became fast friends with a common interest in the Koi keeping hobby.  We are dedicated to promoting the koi hobby as something you enjoy with family and friends.

  Hobbies, in general, are time-consuming, meaning the more consumed you are with them, the less time you spend with family and friends.  The less time you spend with your family and friends, the more estranged you become from them.  Rarely does everyone in a family share the same interest in a hobby, but family members can enjoy different aspects of a hobby so they can share the hobby together, making it more enjoyable.

  Even though the koi keeping hobby focuses primarily on the Koi fish, one cannot enjoy the fish if they are not healthy and happy.  Therefore, the hobby also includes the aspects of pond keeping and gardening.  And who doesn’t like to kick back and relax by a pond?

  To promote the family enjoyment of the koi keeping hobby, we are open to focusing on any aspect of the hobby in our meetings/events.

  Our club is dedicated to creating a healthy and fun environment for members to network with, learn from, and share with others with common interest.  To maintain this environment, we set basic principles for the club that guide how we behave and treat each other.

 These principals are:

– Active engagement;

– Cooperation and collaboration;

– Share information openly;

– Foster trust through honesty and integrity;

– Treat one another with respect;

– Maintain a positive, friendly environment; and most importantly


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