Charleston Pond Tour

Presented by The Lowcountry Koi Club

in Historic Charleston, SC  13 May 2017

Charleston Pond Tour

NOTE: One of the ponds planned for the tour has had equipment failure and has been temporarily removed from the list.  We are hoping that the pond will recover and be added back shortly.


Goose Creek

Butch and Lorna

Description:  Main pond is approximately 5000 gallons with a rock bottom stream and a giant waterfall.  It features a well-planted stream that flows into a 2000 gallon recovery pond (that acts as a natural filter).  Both ponds house approximately 40 nice Koi.  A MUST SEE!!!

Address: 351 Water Oak Drive, Goose Creek, SC 29445

Rick and Cheryl

Description:  NEW 13000-gallon pond , bog and stream.  30 feet long, 15 feet wide. all natural filtration, using three barrels with various types of media, pond bog with plants that spill into an eight-foot stream that returns to the pond.  our pond also has a 4-foot high water fall at the end that provides oxygenation for the fish as well as beauty to incorporate our love of outdoors, Currently we only have about 15 fish, but have recently had a spawn and there are babies in the pond.

Address: 423 Fox Hunt Rd, Goose Creek, SC 29445


Description: 6500 gallon 3 tiered pond with bog area. On last year’s tour, this pond had just been built and fish added.

Address: 123 Kingsbridge Dr, Goose Creek, SC 29445

Ron and Yvonne

Description: This is an 1800 gallons pond.  The pond has a collection of both Koi and Goldfish. The pond incorporates a waterfall and water plants.

Address: 1368 Alexander Circle, Summerville, SC 29486
Just 4 miles down the road from Carl’s pond, just outside of Goose Creek. Follow 176 pass 17A (Carnes Crossroads) 2nd right. Follow the signs House is behind a house.

Parking is available in back.

Dorchester Road

Wendy and Chuck

Description: This nautical themed pond is 3,000 gallons and features an overhanging dock on two sides which is great for relaxing and viewing the fish.  Its depth is 48” and features a 24” deep plant shelf.  The entire pond is lined with a concrete block which provides a sturdy structure and prevents the ground from eroding. The pond also features a hammock and dock posts.

Three triangle shade sails protect the pond from the summer heat and overhead predators.  The natural stone living waterfall is fed by a 5000 GPH Savio pump and skimmer with gravity fed bottom drain. The addition of an Ultima II Bead filter allows us to accommodate the fish as they grow larger.

Address: 5068 Timicuan Way, Summerville, SC 29485


Description: Using a “grist mill” theme, this aquatic pond uses a 10 foot “working waterwheel as well as a 1920 water tank to enhance an approximately a 10000-gallon main pond and a 2000 gallon bog pond. The main pond is 12’x24’x 4′ deep supporting approximately 150 koi…” pond using two pumps/two drains to recycle water into the bog pond with the plants “cleaning” the water as it travels down a 35 foot spillway back into the main pond!

Address: 4309 Andrews St, N. Charleston, SC 29418

Downtown Charleston

Grant and Penny

Description: A 25000 gallon, gunite Koi pond, stocked with large outstanding show quality Koi. The filter system on this pond is state of the art and includes all of the latest gizmos. The pond itself is 6 feet deep with crystal clear water and is nestled in a mature landscape where large trees provide plenty of shade. The pond is truly a one-of-a-kind in Charleston and is well worth the drive downtown and the search for parking.

Address: 6 Gibbs Street, Charleston, SC 29401

West of the Ashley

John & Beth

Description: Beautifully landscaped yard with a 4000-gallon pond, lined with flagstone.  The pond incorporates a bog garden as part of its filtration system and has a small flagstone waterfall to carry the sound of water throughout the backyard.

Address: 2 Leichester Road, Charleston, SC 29407



Ron and Gaye

Description:  Goldfish pond in Cainhoy

Our pond is 1,000 gallons designed solely for show quality goldfish.  The filtration rivals most koi ponds: a bottom drain; vortex/settling chamber; 3 chamber media filtration for fine tuning of our clear polished water; ultraviolet light and skimmer.
The pond is home to a premium collection of prize-winning goldfish ranging from Ranchus, Orandas and Ryukins (with one Pearlscale.)  Two of which are recent Grand Champion winners with a number of extremely high-grade new ones that have yet to be shown.

We are in the boondocks with a great deal of wildlife around us so we feel that our pond design is key to heading off any attacks (crossing fingers so far…)

Address: 145 Memes Way, Charleston.  (Cainhoy)
Please use GPS and come to the end of the street and park outside of the security gate.  We are the yellow house by the river at the very end.  Our street sign was recently stolen so hence the GPS.

Daniel Island

Joy and Dan

Description: This is a must see pond.  Newly rebuilt and relandscaped last year, the main pond is a 26000-gallon peanut shaped pond with a fountain, bog, and 3 tier waterfall.  It also has a raised vegetable garden area with a separate 2100 gallon pond.  This pond and garden are accented by over 75 Japanese maple varieties and various fruit trees.

Address: 532 Barbados Drive, Daniel Island, SC 29492

  • This house is in a gated community. The pass code for the gate is #0513.  This code will only work during the pond tour.