Lowcountry Koi Club - Located around Charleston, S.C.

Charleston, Koi and Water Gardens

Charleston Koi Club

  Welcome to the home of Charleston Koi fish keepers. Together we are the Lowcountry Koi Club.

  At the Low Country Koi Club we believe Koi keeping to be most enjoyable in your own backyard oasis and that sharing the hobby with others with similar interests adds to the enjoyment of the hobby.  Our meetings and events are designed around building companionship among members and educating members on various topics that will help them improve their own backyards.

  Whether you are an expert with much to share, an avid hobbyist looking to learn, or a beginner looking for how to begin.  Read more about us and if you're interested in joining us, get a copy of our application to do so.

  The LKC is a member of the Associated Koi Clubs of America (AKCA), which is composed of over 100 koi clubs in the United States and Canada.

Charleston Koi Events

 Each year the Charleston Koi community support two main events.  The events help let our neighbors visit and see what we do as they take the self guided Charleston Pond Tour.

  The second event is the Charleston Koi show held in the fall of each year.  We bring in vendors from across the East Coast, to show us there best fish and new products.  Koi keepers from around the Southeast will be bringing Koi in to be judged and available for all to see and enjoy.

Charleston Pond Tour


May 13, 2017

Charleston Koi Show

Friday - Sunday

November 3 - 5, 2017

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